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Different Types of Carpet Installer

Types of Carpet Installer and Their Skills

You might think that installing carpets is easy and can be done all by yourself. Reality speaking, it’s clearly not. If you want your carpets installed properly, you should hire a professional to deliver the service. If you want to search for the best carpet installer for your needs, you should hire the right one. Here are the different types of installers:

The Freelancer

These installers are pretty new in the business and they work independently. They take jobs on unoccupied apartments or offices. The carpet that they place is for coverage purposes only and for long-term use. Most of the carpets that they install are low grades. Since they are still new, they do not have much experience in placing carpets on complex areas like the stairs. They do not ask for a high professional fee because they cannot do much as well.

The New Construction Installer

They install carpets on newly constructed houses or buildings. They usually work under a contractor. This means that they have more experience than the freelancer. Some contractors require them to undergo some training as well. Even if they are only in the business for a few years, the way they install carpets is good. Their job gets scrutinized by their boss.

The Remodeler

These installers have many years of experience in installing carpets. They are usually sent to any remodeling work because of their experience. But here’s the catch — they ask for higher fees. You should also reach them several weeks in advance since a lot of people will avail of their services.

The High-End Installer

These installers are the most experienced in the carpet service business. They install carpets in high-end houses and businesses. If a 5-star hotel would want a carpet installed, they are the ones who asked to do the job. They deal with high-end materials as well. They can install carpets no matter how complex the area is. Needless to say, their fees are high. Getting their service means you have to book them months in advance.

The best way to find the carpet installer that suits your need is to call a contractor. Call Pete's Carpet Service and they would be able to help you. We are known in the Lake Forest, CA area for providing the reliable people to do the job. Reach us at (949) 401-4270.

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