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Common Carpet Problems to Watch Out For

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If you own a carpet in your home, you’d certainly know about the struggle of keeping it in consistently mint condition. Damage and dirt can definitely become the bane of your existence, so make sure you use the right methods and solutions in getting rid of them. For added efficiency, be sure to hire a carpet service to handle the job for you. They’ll be able to get rid of these common carpet problems:


Gum and Adhesive

Dried gum and sticky adhesive can easily defile the sanctity of your carpets. Sticky residue can be a doozy to handle, especially since some cleaning products are so strong they can damage finer fabrics. A carpet service should have the right mix of chemicals and techniques to safely and effectively clean out these kinks.



Depending on the nature of the spill, it might take much effort to clean out the stain. Don’t be someone who haphazardly uses different kinds of cleaning liquids, as they could discolor and damage the fabric. Hire a service equipped with the right products and tools to do so instead.



Wicking happens when a liquid spills and manages to seep underneath the fabric of your carpet, making its way into the underpad. Even when you clean it out, some residue can still be trapped. A professional service will be able to take care of it when this happens.



Matting happens when friction and foot traffic create noticeable clusters of fabric that scrunches together on your carpet. A service should have the right chemicals to get rid of these and restore the condition of your carpets, as well.


If any of these common problems are apparent in your carpeting, be sure to hire a carpet service to help you get rid of them as soon as possible. We at Pete's Carpet Service could be the solution you need to solve your carpet problems in Lake Forest, CA, so call us now at (949) 401-4270 for inquiries.

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